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It Is Never Too Late!

Getting exercise to stay healthy is commonly known. If you are active you can boost your stamina, shed pounds, stay young and profit in all kinds of ways. BUT, it can be hard to get going or even stick with a workout routine. For some it is an almost impossible task to get off of

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The Bas Rutten O2 Trainer – Take Your Breathing to the Next Level

written by Stephan Martin of Splash Magazines It is tough not to take breathing for granted and for most people it is an afterthought. Learning the process of properly breathing and taking advantage of all the oxygen that your body takes in was the idea behind the O2 Trainer created by Bas Rutten. Bas was a long way from

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Lung Power: A Goal to Seek Out While Training in Any Sport

Some athletes seem ahead of the competition, and they never get tired or back down. It is hard to go up against someone who has more endurance than you, but these players have a secret that you can learn. Greater lung power is what keeps many who cycle, practice yoga or participate in MMA in

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