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What Respiratory Training Can Do For Your Summer Swim

  With summer just around the corner, a lot of us switch their work out routine to swimming. A lot of swimmers can improve their endurance as well as their breathing capacity through targeted training of the respiratory muscles. This has been clinically shown in studies.     At the University in Buffalo, swimmers had

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Get The Most Out Of Every Breath With The O2 Trainer

Breathing is something that is pretty automatic for all of us. We don’t really think about how we are breathing until we struggle for air. If you are working out, no matter what you do or if you work in professions where breathing plays a role you should actually know how to breathe right. More

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What People Are Saying About the O2 Trainer

The Bas Rutten O2 trainer is designed to increase endurance by simulating high altitude. It can be used for most exercises and activities, including weight training, running and, of course, rock climbing. It works by teaching your lungs to perform with less oxygen and get as much as possible from each breath, and can be

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