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The Reason The O2trainer Doesn’t Have Resistance When Exhaling

Some people tell us we have to restrict out air out as well because they think that will make the o2trainer better? But Bas didn’t do this for a reason, this is why: Buffer

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What Is The Difference Between Altitude Tents And The O2 Trainer?

When people are talking about the o2Trainer, oftentimes they also mention altitude training. Since we have noticed that there seems to be believe that the o2Trainer sparks red blood cell concentration we want to shed some light on the difference between altitude tents and the o2Trainer. Altitude training became very popular after the 1968 Mexico Olympics

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Hypoxia: Don’t Be a Victim in High Altitude Training

Hypoxia is a condition that occurs when the body is deprived of oxygen. Even the fittest athletes may experience hypoxia while high altitude training. This potentially fatal condition has a number of symptoms that occur when the cells fail to get the oxygen that they need. The initial symptoms of hypoxia may include headaches, fatigue,

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