Reviews of the O2 Trainer

The Bas Rutten O2 trainer is designed to increase endurance by simulating high altitude. It can be used for most exercises and activities, including weight training, running and, of course, rock climbing. It works by teaching your lungs to perform with less oxygen and get as much as possible from each breath, and can be used at any performance level.

The O2 trainer improves lung capacity and increases red blood cell levels. It also decreases your maximum heart rate for the same amount of work and helps your blood unload oxygen more efficiently. It works very simply, by controlling the air intake to the lungs. Your lungs have to work harder to pull in the same amount of air. As you get used to it you can add the included nose clip to work your lungs even harder.

Customers and athletes love the O2. It’s made of high grade polymer and constructed in a high quality manner. In fact, one customer said it was the only trainer he had found that also worked his diaphragm whilst being half the size of a normal altitude training mask.

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