Give Us A Review And We Give You Bas’ MMA Career 3 DVD Set

Thank you to all of you who have purchased the o2Trainer. It has been an exciting year for us and we are excited to see that not only MMA fighters and elite athletes are using the o2Trainer but also people from all kinds of walks of life including singers and musicians. We have heard from many of them raving about how quickly the o2Trainer has helped them to take control of their breathing and train themselves for better lung endurance.

It is time to give back!

We are giving away Bas’ MMA Career 3DVD Set. Yes, you read right!

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This three DVD set contains all of Bas Rutten’s complete Pancrase fights, even his losses, plus the high-lights of his UFC fights. 6 Hours of footage and with a nice little feature, you can click on a “button” and you will hear Bas Rutten doing the color commentary of his own fights, he will go with you over what he thought at that moment and how he set things up. Every fight has slow-mo’s and Bas will talk again about how he exactly set things up. This DVD set is not only fun to watch, but also very educational!
This set normally sells for $49.99 and it is yours for free!

What we want:

Just give us a review on the o2Trainer.
That is all we want.
We want to know how it works for you. What is your work out regimen and how do you incorporate the o2Trainer into it. Do you have recommendations?
We want to hear from you to make the o2Trainer experience an awesome one for everybody.

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Just submit your review on our website or email us at and we will send you the Bas Rutten MMA Career 3 DVD Set set for free! Don’t forget your Name and address and a picture if you like.

Haven’t purchased the o2Trainer yet but don’t want to miss out on this amazing opportunity?

This is the time to buy the o2Trainer! If you do, we will add the DVD set as well. For free. You save $ 49.99

Get the o2Trainer and the MMA Career Set by Bas Rutten and start your resistance training for your lungs to make them stronger and more efficient.

The o2Trainer – breathe to victory, breathe life!




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You (the user) understand that you will receive one copy of the Bas Rutten’s Mixed Martial Arts Career DVD set as a gift for providing a review. The review itself should be a minimum of seventy five (75) words in length. Additionally, you agree to provide your workout regimen and how you incorporate the O2Trainer device into your workouts. shall have complete ownership of all submitted photos and any creative (written or otherwise) materials you provide. By taking part in this promotion you (the user) assign the worldwide right to use your name, likeness and written review material to publicize the program and the services of O2trainer will own all materials you provide for perpetuity.


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