Forget Hollywood

Screen Shot 2013-07-14 at 1.58.34 PMWho doesn’t love a good sports movie? I’m the first to admit that it doesn’t even matter what sport it is. As long as there’s an underdog I can root for and a killer soundtrack, I’m hooked. Sure, they all kind of have the same plot, but it’s about character and it’s about beating all the odds to come out on top. And what’s a sports movie without the workout montage? Almost everyone has one.

When it comes to putting in the work, I’m no stranger to that. Lord knows I’ve had to spend my fair share skipping rope, running sprints and lifting weights to even think about competing against other mixed martial arts fighters. And, yeah, I’ll admit it: a lot of times when I felt just about spent, I’d crank up my music and picture myself in a workout montage of my own. We’ve all been there, I think. It’s okay, too. We should feel like we’re the hero of our own underdog stories every now and then.


o2pic3Now that I’m a little older (and hopefully a little wiser) I’ve started to look at my workouts in a new way. After a long career of getting paid to fight and, to a lesser extent, keep myself in tip-top shape, I’m not so sure that hours at the gym directly translate to being the best in the game. That’s not saying that we should embrace laziness—far from it. Instead, we should all be focusing on making our workouts as efficient as possible. I don’t care if you’re Bas Rutten or Joe Schmo, if you’re expelling any energy at all, you might as well get the most bang for your buck, right?

So as much as those boxing and football movies get my adrenaline flowing, I’m thinking that maybe it’s not the best way to model my own workout routines after. Think of it this way… the whole reason why they condense those workout scenes into shorter segments is because if you actually had to watch their entire routines it would be SO BORING. In fact, if you were to see them all workout in real time, there’s a good chance that that footage would be longer than the actual movie itself.


This is why you should be looking for ways to train more efficiently. I’ve learned the hard way, and that’s why I always tell the people I train that it’s about working smarter not longer. For me, nothing compares to the challenge of doing my normal exercises with the O2 Trainer (Related News), but I think you could even understand the rise in popularity of cross fit and other workouts designed to get you the same physical results in less the time.

Bas Rutten with O2TrainerThat’s no joke, either. Using the O2 Trainer cuts my workouts by 30%. When you think about the time I save just in a given week, shaving off those minutes here and there really add up quickly. This doesn’t mean I’m going to give up the movies that pump me up any time soon, but it does mean that when it comes to my own workouts, I’m not going to think that my own life needs to stick to a played-out script.


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