For Musicians

Strengthen your Performance with the O2 Trainer!

  • Control your breathing
  • Produce longer, stronger notes
  • Improve and control abdominal breathing
  • Strengthen your diaphragm
  • Relax your breathing, learn good form
  • Adjustable to accommodate singers and musicians at any level

The O2 Trainer restricts air intake to strengthen abdominal muscles and condition your breathing form for the production of long, powerful notes and an improved performance.

Training and performing in the arts is demanding, physically and mentally, and precision and focus are crucial.

A comprehensive training program builds a strong foundation and enables a performer to focus on their performance with confidence. Make the O2 Trainer part of your training program today!

Learn More: The Science Behind the O2 Trainer

The O2 Trainer is fully adjustable and will accommodate singers and musicians at any level—there is no need to purchase a more advanced unit as your performance improves.

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