From Couch to Competitor in Less Time

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 1.28.03 PMIt almost never fails – at the start of each new year, people always come up to me and ask how they can get into better shape. I travel all around this country, and the one thing I can tell you is that a surprising number of people have New Year’s Resolutions that are all about fitness. Some people might have specific goals in mind like running marathons. Other people might want to drop some weight. Everyone’s different, obviously, and we’re all on different parts of our individual journeys. That said, there’s always one thing I recommend to everyone I talk to, and that’s using the O2 Trainer.


For a long time, I was lucky enough to live my dream and compete professionally as a mixed martial arts fighter. This meant that a lot of my day could be dedicated to eating right and working out. In fact, some days that was the ONLY thing I was focused on. But that’s not how the average person lives, and once you leave the world of the pros behind, you quickly realize how the time constraints can sometimes derail people’s goals. It’s not that people give up because they walk away from the challenge, it’s because sometimes it’s literally impossible to fit training into their everyday lives.

DJ LindemanThe O2 Trainer can cut workout times by 30%. Think about that for a second. Now, think about all the times where you couldn’t cross getting to the gym off your to-do list because work ran late or your kid had practice or any number of reasons. That 30% starts looking like a bigger and bigger percentage, doesn’t it? If you plan on working out for a half hour, it shaves off nine minutes. If you’re normally at the gym for an hour, you’ll have 18 minutes to spare. We’re not exactly talking chump change—that could be the difference between feeling like you can get a work out in and skipping the gym altogether.


I know it sounds too good to be true. Believe me, I had my doubts as well. The first time I jumped onto the treadmill and started breathing through this little device, I didn’t think it was going to make any difference. For the first few minutes, it might have just taken me a little while to get adjusted to running with what felt like an oversized mouth guard or something, but once I got my heart rate up and reached my peak speed, MAN did I feel the difference!

O2_Trainer_newAnd that’s the thing: you’re cutting time by working your body more efficiently. There’s no way to cheat your way through a shorter workout, but you can definitely raise the difficulty on your lungs to simulate a longer workout. Think about it. The longer you work out past your normal comfort zone, the more out of breath you become. If you make it harder for your lungs to get more oxygen on the intake, then you’ll be breathing heavier and working harder way earlier than you would on your own.

Everyone’s got their own fitness goals and obstacles to overcome along the way. No matter your chosen sport or activity, though, when you’re pushing yourself through a workout with the O2 Trainer (Related News), you can be sure that finding the time to get to the next level won’t be one of those challenges anymore.


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