Monthly Archives: September 2013

Interesting Question From A Fan

Gerard just recently asked a very interesting question on our testimonial page and we thought that it was so interesting that we want to share it you here as well: Hi there, wonderful product. My concern is the breathing in of monoxide. I was wondering if this apparatus has been ok’d by the FDA or

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Baby Steps With The O2 Trainer

I have mentioned this now quiet a few times, but just want to make sure you really understand what I mean. I had the question “Don’t you deprive yourself from oxygen when you use the o2trainer?” And my answer to that one was: “No, not when you use it as directed” Even in my Q&A

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Neck Problems

For the people out there who have the same neck problem as I do, this is for you. After my visit to the Mayo Clinic in Arizona (had 17 appointments) they gave me a green light to start rehabbing. I couldn’t train before because they thought it might be “brachial plexus” and then it needs

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